World's 1st Negative Keyword Automation Tool for Google Adwords
By Anil Varma 27, Jun, 2018 10 mins read
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Google Adwords is the primary source of Advertising when it comes to Digital Marketing. The Google revenue from Adwords in 2017 was more than $95 Billion Dollars. Google gets the revenue through Google search and Display Network where search is the major contributor.

Advertisers Waste 15% to 25% of Google spend by showing to ads for irrelevant search terms. Manually it is impossible to predict and add negative keyword to negative keywords list.

Why can't we manage Negative Keywords Manually

We receive hundreds of search terms every day and reviewing search term and adding negative keywords manually on daily basis will waste resource cost and time. Even a great agency and digital marketing expert don't review negative list more than couple of times in a month which leads to lots of money wastage.

Solution to the Problem:

Automated Negative Keywords Management by Semly Pro

  • Manual Review required
  • Average 15% Money Saved per account
  • Human resource Time Saved
  • No Marketing Expert required
  • Easy process
  • Consultants/Agencies can handle More Accounts efficiently 
  • Higher Client Retention
  • Eliminate human error

Case Study:

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