How to create a great landing page for your SEM campaign
By Ashwin Ramesh 26, Mar, 2019 4 min read
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"Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings."-C.D Jackson

There is an uncanny similarity between a flight trip that you take from a source to a destination and the way you arrive at a website. In both cases, you look forward to a soft landing. Needless to say, the landing page of a website is instrumental in creating the vital first impression of your service or product in the minds of the visitors which in turn will impact your sales. According to Eyeview, a relevant video on a landing page can increase conversions by a mindboggling 86% !

Now that you know the importance of a good landing page, what can you do to make a great landing page that will captivate your website visitors? Here's our checklist you can follow for optimising landing pages that will convert.


1. Clutter-free Content.

Here's the trick. When it comes to content for landing pages, less is more. The content on your landing page must be compelling, clear and minimal. By building resposive landing pages, you can keep the same content for devices of various sizes while altering the layout and style to suite them all. Landing pages are places where you enter into a deal with your website visitors. You provide them with enough information to pique their interest and promise to give them more if they are willing to tell you more about themselves. Use your discretion to figure out how much is too much when applying this principle. We recommend that you provide some information about your brand and the product apart from the specific value your prospect will derive from the product. Also, provide a compelling reason for signing up with you.

As a rule of thumb, the offer you are making should be roughly the same size as your form. That takes us to our next point. The forms themselves.


2. Friendly Forms.

Everybody hates to cede personal information to a stranger. Certainly to one they can't even see. Even more so when they have to type in! People visit web pages for information. Your forms should not interrupt them. In other words, forms should not be obtrusive but should be conveniently accessible at the same time.

The best forms are the ones which collect actionable insights using the minimum possible fields. These are also placed strategically, often at multiple places where there are higher chances of conversion.


3. Persuasive call to action buttons.

Your forms must always be accompanied by a persuasive call to action button. Rather than placing a drab button which says, "Submit", specify what the user can expect by submitting their details in the form. People take actions when they know what is in it for them. So make sure that you are specific about your value proposition and keep the CTA as close as possible to the relevant content.


4. Foolproof your landing page with social proof.

People are more likely to believe you when someone like them endorses your offering. Add placeholders on your website for customer testimonials. It is also a great idea to add social sharing buttons which reflect the number of times your page has been shared across different social media channels. Charts, graphs and other pictorial representation of data on landing pages will be particularly useful in convincing people who rely on numbers to make decisions.


5.No outbound links, please.

Every link, button and offer on your page is a distraction. Your landing page is designed for users to take no more than one specific action. Remove any element of confusion. Once a prospect has landed on your page, there are only two things they should be able to do. Either proceed to the next step after filling in the lead form or leave the website. This simplifies things for both you and the leads. If sufficient prospects are converting into leads, you have a good landing page. Else, there is work to be done. From the user's perspective, either they have enough information on the landing to be convinced that your offering is the right fit for them or it isn't. Simplicity trumps complexity all the time. And your landing pages are no exception.





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